Best Practices and Policy Guidelines

Explore the best practices Coastal Project selected to showcase the business roadmaps and policy recommendations. The inventory will serve as benchmark for the business and policy solutions. 

The Dutch Wadden Sea region

Cooperation for sustainable development of the region

The South Dutch Coast: The Delta Region

Flood & coastal protection and climate change as drivers for redevelopment, sustainable water use and alternative innovative opportunities for a coastal-rural area

Elbe estuary region & North Sea, Germany

Multi-use and cross-sectoral synergies on marine and land space, adaptive water management and education & public awareness

North-Kurzeme Coastal region, Gulf of Riga, Latvia

Communication and Education for Sustainable Development and Natural Protection

Molise area, Italy

Sustainable eco-tourism and innovative approaches to mitigate human impacts on nature and increase land-sea synergies

Algavre region, Portugal

Alternative forms of tourism in the rural hinterland based on cultural and natural heritage

Ria Etel, Brittany, France

Cross-sectoral (coastal-rural) collaboration to reduce conflict and water pollution

Dorset-Solent area, English South Coast

Collaboration, partnership and spatial planning as tools to increase land-sea synergies

Ythan estuary, Scotland

A local participative approach

Valencia region, Spain

Sustainable tourism and cross-sectoral activities

Island of Samsø, Denmark

Business opportunities through green economy and energy transition

Caribbean Region

Nature-based solutions for water treatment