Best Practices and Policy Guidelines

Coastal defence program: The weak links project

COASTAL defence innovation

Nature Based Solutions Coastbusters - Ecosystem-Based Flood Defense

A public online platform for monitoring advice and data sharing

World Heritage Teaching Kit

Well organized knowledge and data portals - The Coastal Portal

Broad knowledge inventories with quick online open access - The Flemish Compendium for Coast and Sea

Public awareness via a newsletter

Online learning platform

A school environmental education process

Coastal communication network and platform


Natural reserve and visitor center to promote local economy

A cooperation project to help small rural entrepreneurs

Stakeholders forum

Wadden Sea Forum (WSF)

Port of Ostend transition to multi-functional energy hub

Local food consumption campaign

Marine Spatial Planning

Foundation Water Recreation Wieringen: Public-private partnership for innovative tourism

Creation of a local fish a market

Sustainable tourism and territorial branding

Use mobile app to promote alternative tourism route

Support tourism sector to improve quality of services

Combining tourism and fishing

Recovery and promotion of a traditional salt pans

Promoting local heritage

Promoting gastronomic local heritage

Rural cycling route network (Fietsnetwerk)

Using nature-based solutions to treat water and reusing waste water

Reuse of water as part as a farmer's cooperative for water management

Cross-sectoral association for integrated water management

Implementation of an adaptive water management process

Flood protection management plan including public awareness

Local community participation in river management activities

Renewable energy community project

New Approaches to Adaptive Water Management under Uncertainty