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PA1: Objectives of the H2020 Project COASTAL

PA 7: Multi-Actor Lab 06 - Mar Menor - CSIC

PA 12: Advantages of Sustainable Farming Business Models

PA 21: Connecting Research Infrastructures With Sectoral Networks To Support Integrated Management of Mediterranean Coastal and Rural Areas

PA 49: Pilot System Dynamics Model for Land-Sea Interactions in the Danube mouths region

PA 52: A Vision for A Sustainable and Environmentally-Friendly Messinia

PA 56: Regenerative Agriculture for restoration of semi-arid rural and coastal landscapes

PA 58: Business roadmap solutions for the improvement of coastal-rural areas in Romania

PA 70: New Policies to Suppport the Business Roadmap

PA 76: Certification for the development of sustainable tourism in the Regional Park of las Salinas