Knowledge Exchange Platform

European Commission

How can Marine Spatial Planning support land-sea synergies and foster coastal-rural collaboration?

What are the socio-economic and policy barriers for sustainable development in rural and coastal areas?

What opportunities exist for EU policies to support enhancement of rural-coastal synergies?


Authorities and Administration

How can quantitative assessment of land-sea interactions contribute to developing more efficient policies and strategies for sustainable coastal development?

How can engagement of stakeholders in research co-creation help in developing better policies, strategies and action plans for sustainable coastal development? 

What national and international social issues, opportunities and barriers, emerge from current legislation and management for mitigating coastal water pollution and eutrophication?


Rural area-based and coastal-based industries

What are opportunities for rural communities, farmers and food producers to cooperate with urban and coastal sectors in developing sustainable rural-coastal synergies? 

How can the knowledge and experiences of various stakeholders from land- and sea-based sectors help in better understanding of the coastal system?

How can innovative policies and strategies contribute to improving coastal water quality and mitigating eutrophication in coastal zones?

How can quantitative assessment of land-sea interactions help in identifying opportunities and barriers for rural/coastal communities and green/blue growth sectors to achieve sustainable developments with mitigated/minimal impacts on coastal areas and water quality?


What can COASTAL offer you?
Explore the questions COASTAL is in progress to seek answers for.

NGOs, civic society organisations, local community

How can NGOs and local communities share their knowledge, identify opportunities, and address barriers in a constructive way? 

What do NGOs and local communities envision as and expect for a sustainable coastal future? 


How can innovative strategies and incentives drive and strengthen the sustainable development of coastal tourism?

What are the economic and environmental drivers and barriers for further development of rural/coastal tourism? 

How can quantitative assessment of land-sea interactions help in identifying opportunities for sustainable rural/coastal tourism development?


Science and innovation

What sustainable coastal-rural futures local stakeholders are envisioning?

How research can support the achievement of these sustainable futures through a better understanding of the land-sea system, and identifying innovative solutions and alternative business models?

How can systematic multi-actor assessments of rural-coastal interactions advance research and knowledge, and their development and exchanges among actors?

How can quantitative assessment of land-sea interactions contribute to the advancement of research and scientific knowledge on sustainable land and sea development?